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    “Cross-Selling” Webinar

    Watch a story unfold and get actual insights on challenges industries are facing when they cross-sell, why they fail and what can help to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales revenues.

    Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp is hosting the discussion, while Velti’s team is sharing their hands-on experience on best Cross-selling practices and how you can maximize the response rate.

    Our special guests from T-Mobile Netherlands, Mr. Stan Waaijer, Marketing Manager at T-Mobile Netherlands and Ms. Lucia Riscado Cordas, Audience Insight Specialist at T-Mobile Netherlands, will elaborate more on how important is to cross-sell and what role did Velti play on increasing their business KPIs.

    Webinar Presenters

    Marietta Robbe Groskemp
    Business Development Director

    Migena Panavija
    Director of Client Success

    loanna Kontoura
    Client Success Manager

    Lucia Riscado Cordas
    Audience Insight Specialist @T-Mobile Netherlands

    Stan Waaijer
    Marketing Manager
    @T-Mobile Netherlands

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