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    The best way to measure a company’s real value is by taking a look at its clients. And by all means, Velti has long been a true mobile marketing pioneer, enabling major global telco groups and brands to serve their customers with technologically advanced solutions that deliver growth, generate revenues, increase customer satisfaction, score increased retention and reduced churn rates.

    All of the above, stand as the reason why Mobile Operators and brands around the globe continue to ensure their trust in Velti, and have done so for the past 20 years.  We create relationships built on the confidence that results will be delivered on time and targets will be achieved as planned.

    The added value we bring to our clients with the full range of our solutions is the machine learning and artificial intelligence module, our proprietary Daedalus technology that upgrades any campaign to a completely different level, minimizing manual effort, removing human bias from the decision-making process and driving all focal KPIs upwards.

    The unique value Daedalus technology brings to Mobile Carriers, enabling them to handle effectively large data sets in a meaningful, for the end consumer way, has been internationally recognized by the 2020 Grand Prix EMMA award – the prestigious ‘Effective Mobile Marketing Awards’.

    Velti’s high standards of service, continuous investment in technology & innovation with a marketing touch, guarantee our clients with a value proposition & brand safety, a combination that is hard to find in the market. This is the reason why the company’s portfolio of successful case studies continues to grow, marking a presence in 70+ countries with more than 300 projects in the list.