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    62, Kifissias Avenue & Premetis Maroussi,
    Athens, 15125, GR

    Can I apply for more than one job?

    You certainly can. You can either send your CV to or apply directly via our website, for as many positions as you want.

    If I apply and don’t get the job, can I reapply next year?

    You can reapply whenever you want. You will have the time to gain more experience and skills and become a stronger candidate for the position.

    What is Velti’s hiring process?

    Your resume is evaluated by a recruiter and a hiring manager. If your skills and experience meet our needs, then our team will contact you to arrange a video interview with our recruiter, where you will learn more about the position and our company. Next, we will schedule a video interview with a hiring manager. When the interview process is complete, you will hear back from us.

    How much time will the interview take?

    The first interview will take around 30 minutes. The interview with the hiring manager will not exceed 45 minutes.

    How will you test my knowledge?

    It depends on the position. We prefer interactive questions about case studies, but we have also created specific tests for some roles. Whether it’s a numerical test, a technical discussion or a translation test, our people will share more details during the interview.

    How soon will I know if I got the job?

    We usually contact candidates in a week or two. In exceptional cases, you will have an answer within 20 days.