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    “Remote Work” Webinar

    What are the key principles of remote work and how can businesses create a positive remote team experience and keep remote employees engaged?

    Learn the best practices of remote work and how concentrating on employee engagement can help businesses thrive.

    Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp is hosting the discussion, while Andreas Pipilis, HR Manager and Depi Asimakopoulou, Head of Employee Experience at Velti, share their expertise on Remote Work and explain how to build a positive remote team experience. They also share their insights on how to keep remote teams engaged, elaborating on 5 effective employee engagement strategies.

    Eva Deli, Velti’s Recruiter & Admin Coordinator hosts our special guest, Theodora Aisopou, Director, People and Culture at OKTO, who shares her hands-on experience on employee engagement and explains how it is related to employee retention.

    Webinar Presenters

    Marietta Robbe Groskemp
    Business Development Director

    Andreas Pipilis
    HR Manager
    Depi Asimakopoulou
    Head of Employee Experience
    Eva Deli
    Recruiter & Admin Coordinator
    Theodora Aisopou
    Director, People and Culture

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