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    “Casual Gaming” Webinar

    Which gaming platform dominates the gaming landscape? Are the video game consoles with their cutting edge technology? High tech PCs ? No. It’s the ubiquitous smartphone ecosystem! Learn why this is the case, and how is casual gaming spearheading the massive increase in gaming revenues!

    Learn the principles of casual gaming and how it disrupted a profitable but predictable multi-billion market! Understand how Velti is using its advanced know-how to develop casual games that entertain, excite, and monetize multiple markets!

    Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp hosts the discussion, whilst Alex Pefanis, Velti’s VP of Apps & Revenue generation, explains the gaming principles and Eva Frey, Velti’s product manager, applies the principles in Velti’s gaming portfolio to ensure multiple success stories!

    Our special guest, Mr. David Fernandez Remesal, a gaming industry expert with more than 15 years working across THQ, Nokia, King and Sandsoft Games, will share his gaming expertise and future predictions on casual gaming with us.

    Webinar Presenters

    Marietta Robbe Groskemp
    Country Director, Netherlands

    Eva Frey
    Product Manager

    Alex Pefanis
    VP of Apps & Revenue generation @Velti

    David Fernandez Remesal
    Chief Executive Officer

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