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    “Creating B2B Sales” Webinar

    Delve into the insightful replay of our recent webinar, where our host Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp will introduce you to VELTI, our mission, and the challenges of B2B sales. She will explain how to increase sales potential and set the stage for a discussion on the benefits of digital journeys.

    Mariëtta will then be joined by our Head of Digital Transformation, Eser Dinler, who will share his expertise on Digital Journeys in sales areas. Eser will provide insights into how digital journeys can help sales teams overcome B2B sales challenges and increase their productivity.

    We are thrilled to have Peyman Jazayeri, the Head of Sales at Deutsche Telekom in Germany, as our special guest. With his extensive experience in B2B sales and digital customer journeys, Peyman will share his insights and expertise on how to create successful digital journeys and increase sales productivity.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from our panel of experts, and gain valuable insights and strategies for optimizing your B2B sales through digital journeys.

    Webinar Presenters

    Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp
    Business Development Director

    Eser Dinler
    Head of Digital Trasformation, Sales

    Peyman Jazayeri
    Head of 5G Corporate Customers Germany
    @Deutsche Telekom

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