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    Automation Tips Webinar

    Join us for our last webinar, where our host Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp will introduce you to Routine Busters and provide some valuable insights. She will explain how to increase AI potential, streamline operations, and revolutionize your work methodologies.

    Following her lead, our experts, Dora Kampanaki, Evi Kouvela and Vasileios Kokkinis, will illuminate the rest of the discussion as they delve deeper into the world of automation by providing five automation tips that will be pinnacle of the webinar.

    Harness the formidable potential of automation for unprecedented efficiency gains. Don’t miss it!

    Webinar Presenters

    Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp
    Business Development Director

    Dora Kampanaki
    Project Manager

    Evi Kouvela
    Director of Operations

    Vasileios Kokkinis
    Systems Engineer

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