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    Velti, a global innovator in AI-powered mobile marketing and gaming, announces a strategic partnership with Alphacomm, Europe’s leading provider of online payment fraud prevention and profit optimization solutions.

    High-risk digital goods require a lot of attention

    As online sales continue to surge, companies face the challenge of meeting heightened buyer expectations in an intensely competitive market. Recognizing the need for strategic and innovative approaches, Velti and Alphacomm have united to capitalize on their combined strengths, particularly focusing on enhancing e-commerce experiences for high-risk digital goods, driving engagement and personalization using the unique AI capabilities of Velti’s Sympan platform.

    Making e-commerce more profitable

    The partnership between Velti and Alphacomm aims to enhance the e-commerce experience for millions of users worldwide by integrating Velti’s expertise in data-driven mobile marketing with Alphacomm’s advanced payment and fraud prevention technologies. This strategic collaboration provides e-commerce businesses with an exhaustive set of tools to improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and reduce financial risks. 

    Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp, Business Development Director Europe at Velti: “We chose Alphacomm for their expertise in delivering robust payment solutions that empower businesses to enhance their revenue streams. Combining their expertise with our AI-powered customer engagement solutions, we are confident in our ability to jointly deliver significant value for our customers.”

    Sjoerd Groot, Chief Growth Officer of Alphacomm: “We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Velti. At Alphacomm, we’re committed to simplifying and securing the online sale of digital goods and boosting revenue at every step in the customer journey. Velti’s expertise in leveraging data and fostering loyal user bases aligns perfectly with our goals. We look forward to the success this partnership will bring.”

    About Alphacomm

    Founded in 1997, Rotterdam-based FinTech Alphacomm specializes in preventing online payment fraud and is a leading revenue booster in Europe. The company offers trusted SaaS and consultancy services, featuring products like Protectmaxx (fraud protection API), and Checkmaxx (e-commerce solution for high-risk digital gods). Operating throughout Europe with offices in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and Romania, Alphacomm’s platform provides modern tools for addressing competitive challenges, including fraud protection, payment optimization and secure digital goods sales.

    About Velti

    Founded in 2000, Velti is a global leader in mobile marketing, customer retention, and content solutions. Trusted by hundreds of clients across 70 countries on four continents, Velti’s omnichannel customer engagement and loyalty platform, SYMPAN, augmented by advanced AI capabilities, enables businesses to unlock unparalleled insights and deliver hyper-targeted campaigns that resonate with audiences on a profound level. With a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Velti leverages mobile and digital channels to deliver robust marketing initiatives, supported by a highly qualified and experienced team.